Social Media Surgery

Other words – People for People

Everyone can help and get help!!

Believe it or not but I am a ‘surgeon’ as well!! However, I don’t operate on people’s body but on PC…

Social Media Surgery is a non-profit organisation sponsored and awarded 2012 by Prime Minister.

Surgeries happen every week in different places around the UK.


  • anybody who sick help in Social Media is invited
  • help is given for free by Social Media specialists – volunteers
  • every help is registered so both sides get feedback

We help with:

  • Facebook, Twitter or other social network accounts
  • Blogging and microblogging
  • communicators eg. Skype
  • web information
  • and others

I’ve already been few times in #SMS and since the very beginning with a little knowledge I’ve been helping and advising other people. I’m MA Social Media student and I’m still learning but it’s never too early to share the information.

So far I’ve been helping people with Twitter. They don’t know how to use # or retweet or find people, but that’s just an example. Some people are looking for advises in blogging. They ask which blog is the best for them and their business, community, etc. and they need help with setting up an account. There is also many people who ask for help with Facebook accounts. They usually have problems with fan pages, especially now when Facebook introduced time-line for pages.

Those are only examples of questions that our patients have got. But if you have any other problems you can always ask, and #SMS team will try to find the answer and give you the best solution. Nobody is there to criticise so do not hesitate asking!

Here you can check upcoming Social Media Surgery in your town.

Full information about Social Media Surgery can be find on their home website.

Plus! you can find them on Twitter.

So next time, come and join us either as a surgeon or a patient!!


2 thoughts on “Social Media Surgery

  1. Thanks for mentioning the surgeries and above all thank you for being a surgeon – it’s a precious thing that you do!

    The aim is to help local community and voluntary organisations. We are aiming to grown the online civic conversation ans give the third sector the tools to use the web to tell their own stories, collaborate and hold power to account.

    So the surgeries are not to any anyone who want to understand social media – but charities, neighbourhood forums, active citizen and the like.

    Curiously we’re not really an organsation either. Podnosh is private limited company – we got the surgery movement started in 2008 and put a lot of love and energy into keeping it working as a loose coalition of citizens who enjoy helping their local voluntary orgs.

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